Sarah’s Story

Sarah has lived on the Cape for almost 30 years. Although on a fixed income and nearing 80, she embodies “helping one’s neighbors.” She rents half her duplex to a 72-year-old woman who has debilitating, progressive health issues. Sarah cooks many dinners for widowed elders on her street and provides hospice care to several senior dogs at any given moment. She is a neighborhood treasure who was struggling to make ends meet. A friend suggested she go to one of Lower Cape Outreach Council’s (LCOC) nine food pantries when she found that Sarah was struggling to buy food and pay her electric bills. LCOC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help those experiencing financial challenges. Upon visiting the food pantry, Sarah not only received fresh protein and produce, but also learned of LCOC’s financial assistance program.

Serving the eight towns of the Lower and Outer Cape, LCOC’s financial assistance program utilizes a team of volunteer advocates, led by a licensed social worker, to work with clients on an individual basis to provide effective assistance. Whether it is a month of rent, an oil delivery, a car repair, an emergency medical expense – or, as in Sarah’s case, making a utility payment and providing fresh groceries – LCOC is there to help.

Sarah received life-changing support when LCOC provided her with food and paid her outstanding electric bills – totaling $1,000 for both sides of the duplex. Now she and her neighbor can breathe a little easier as they head into the cold winter months when bills are expected to be much higher this year.

“LCOC is a godsend for anyone who needs help. It is hard to ask for help if you never have before, but the caring people at the Council made it almost easy, I felt welcome and not judged.”

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