Dear Lower Cape Outreach Council,

Please accept this donation of $2,500. Your hard work makes Cape Cod such a better place for many to live & helps the quality of life for so many.

As advocates, we meet monthly and we are always learning new means of assistance that is available in our communities to help our clients.  I always feel an added sense of accomplishment when I am able to connect a client with an additional resource that may help them prevent having more problems the next month.  Often between the combination of LCOC assistance and the additional resource, it is enough to get our clients back on their feet.

Being a volunteer at Katy’s Korner for almost 10 years is rewarding and fun.  Clients enjoy finding needed clothing and nothing better than finding the right outfit for a special occasion or  a job interview! A number of clients use the volunteers as sounding boards for discussing issues that are going on in their lives.  We try to provide a supportive atmosphere for clients to feel comfortable and safe.

In my professional career, I was involved with providing assistance to people returning to work after a disability.  Hope Works provides the opportunity for me to use my skills in assisting LCOC clients find appropriate work that will enhance their lives.  I believe that work is an important component of a person’s self esteem so I find satisfaction in helping clients develop self esteem as well as increase their financial independence.

Meeting clients, both on the phone and in person as an office intake volunteer, gives me a great sense of the need that is out there in the community. It becomes clear that there are many people who are doing their best and are still unable to make ends meet.  Most are working in some capacity. They are challenged by many circumstances. This first hand knowledge enables me to see how much our organization is needed in our community.  This work gives me a sense of self-worth and usefulness in my retirement. It also gives me tremendous gratitude for all I have in my own life and makes my problems seem very small.  I really enjoy being able to give something back to the world.

I really value helping clients accept food, so that they can use their earnings on gas, utilities and a little extra for their children.  I love making them feel comfortable.  It’s not easy for folks to receive help.  Their smiles say everything to me.

My passion has always been to help others, so I want to be a Nurse. I worked only one job and was paying for classes out of pocket in addition to all other living expenses on the Cape! I heard about LCC and spoke to my advocate. Through LCC I was able to secure a scholarship for $750 to pay for one of my classes at Cape Cod Community College. Without LCC I do not know how I would have done it on my own. I am forever grateful.

On behalf of my brother and his four daughters, I would like to thank you for the food (turkeys, stuffing + more!) that you sent over. Without that food, there would not have been a holiday meal for them. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart and theirs.

I want to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for helping me with my November rent. It was surely a huge help at such a difficult time. I also want to especially thank Judy who spent the afternoon with my last Thursday to help me figure out my finances.

Thank you all so much for helping me when I moved into Rock Harbor Village this Spring. Thank you very much also for the appointment my car has with a mechanic next week that you are helping me with. No one plans on getting into a position where you are at the mercy of places that help out, but it happens. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem practical or productive but luckily I am not in control of the universe.

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