Robert’s Story

LCOC Helps Caregiver Support his Family

Robert – a 30-year-old Outer Cape resident has been working locally as a landscaper since he was a teenager. This past year things changes drastically, and he needed some help to get through a challenging situation.

After dealing with a difficult divorce, Robert’s mother and brother became ill. He moved in with his mother to help with the finances and to care for his brother, who had MS, and mother, who has early-onset dementia. The collapse occurred in January when his brother passed away, his mother’s dementia worsened, the family unexpectedly lost their housing, and Robert’s driver’s license was revoked due to his inability to pay old tickets.

To continue to support himself and his mother, Robert needed to work two jobs, which meant he needed his license reinstated, but the cost was crippling. A friend recommended he reach out to Lower Cape Outreach Council, a nonprofit organization that helps Lower and Outer Cape residents experiencing financial challenges. LCOC utilizes a team of volunteer advocates, led by a licensed social worker, to work with clients on an individual basis to provide direct assistance that meets their specific need.

Fortunately, LCOC was able to cover all the costs associated with Robert’s license reinstatement. “Receiving help from Lower Cape Outreach Council was uplifting after going through so much. The best way I can describe it is every time I hit rock bottom something else happened. I was overwhelmed. LCOC went above and beyond to help me,” Robert said.

Happily, his mother now has a subsidized apartment near her doctors and Robert can be there to support her. He said he owes a lot to Lower Cape Outreach Council, “They work wonders. They are a ray of sunshine during a very dark time.”

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