Maureen’s Story

LCOC Helps a Seasonal Worker Make Ends Meet

People who work in largely seasonal businesses on Cape Cod know the drill: work as much as you possibly can during the summer months and save as much money as you can to get you through the quiet winter ahead.

Maureen (not her real name), a waitress and bartender who lives in Wellfleet, had been doing pretty well with that summer-to-winter cycle, but this spring she found her savings had dried up too early and she was short on rent money.

“I’m usually good about saving up for winter,” she said, but an unexpected car repair set her back, “and things just added up.”

For help, she turned to the Lower Cape Outreach Council, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help local residents through financial difficulties and serves all eight towns of the Lower and Outer Cape. Led by a licensed social worker, a team of volunteer advocates work with clients to determine how best to help. It might be providing an oil delivery, paying a utility bill, helping pay rent or mortgage payments, or assisting with childcare costs.

In Maureen’s case, the LCOC covered $1,000 of her rent payment, and arranged for the Fleet Fund to provide the other $700.

“It took a huge weight off my shoulders,” Maureen said.

“I try really hard not to ask for help from anyone,” she said, “but I decided to call.”

The LCOC advocate she worked with put her at ease and made the process smooth, she said. “I didn’t even have to have that awkward conversation with my landlord,” she added, because LCOC took care the payment.

Now that summer is here, she is working a lot and is able to save once more for the slower months to come. She is grateful the Lower Cape Outreach Council was there when she needed a hand.

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