Grace’s Story

As most Cape residents know, housing has become the greatest challenge facing young families trying to build their lives here. This was certainly true for Grace and her family of six. After moving out of a dangerous situation, Grace, her husband, and their four children were forced to spend the spring and summer living at a local campground while searching for new accommodations and considering their options. The associated costs were piling up and Grace found herself wondering where to turn for help. She sent an email to the Lower Cape Outreach Council and hoped for the best. She was quickly connected with one of the group’s financial assistance advocates.

The first step was making sure that the kids were prepared for school. The organization arranged for Grace to go to shopping at Old Navy to buy school clothes for her four children. Grace was also returning to school herself and was thrilled to receive a new laptop from LCOC. “I was so happy to get that help and felt relieved that my kids were prepared for school and I was set up for my classes.” But housing was still an issue.

“The advocate called me a few days later to follow up and helped me apply for rental assistance. It was totally unexpected, but I was grateful because I got approved and found a new place for us. LCOC even helped us with a month of rent so that we could build up our savings. I don’t know what we would have done without them.”
The Lower Cape Outreach Council helps residents of the Lower and Outer Cape who are struggling financially. A group of volunteer advocates, led by a licensed social worker, provide individualized support tailored to meet the client’s needs.

In Grace’s case, this meant providing direct assistance, but also coordinating with other agencies to ensure that the family was in the best position possible to succeed long-term. Now, with Grace back in school and her husband working full time, the family finally feels ready to move forward.
“Just sending that email changed my life and I’ll never forget that.”

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