Shirley’s Story

LCOC Helps Local Volunteer Recover from Financial Scam

After living on the Lower Cape for 35 years, Shirley, now in her late 80s, knows how lucky she is to have found affordable housing several years ago. Now, as the prices of everything continued to climb, she is usually able to stretch her fixed income each month to meet her basic needs. Unfortunately, this all changed recently when she was victimized by a scammer who drained her checking account.

Shirley knew where to turn when, suddenly, she was unable to pay her bills. “The people at Lower Cape Outreach Council are very caring and made me extremely comfortable to ask for help,” Shirley said, and then added, “They make the difference between having to choose to pay bills or buy groceries…or get our teeth fixed. They are an essential community support system for countless individuals and families.”

The Lower Cape Outreach Council (LCOC) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help those experiencing financial challenges. Serving the eight towns of the Lower and Outer Cape, LCOC utilizes a team of volunteer advocates, led by a licensed social worker, to work with clients on an individual basis to provide effective assistance. For Shirley, this meant ensuring that her rent was paid so that her housing would not be at risk.

As a dedicated volunteer for agencies who help women avoid domestic abuse, Shirley respects the importance of community service agencies. “Having been a part of domestic abuse prevention on the Cape for years, I have worked with lots of organizations and LCOC is one of the best. They have helped so many families in a kind and professional way,” she said.

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