Lorraine’s Story

Lorraine grew up on the Cape but moved away after high school. She got married to an active-duty serviceman and moved around a lot with her husband and their growing family. After a divorce, and with the kids growing up and moving on, she moved back to Cape Cod 25 years ago. She had been a full-time mother raising her kids, while moving often, so had never had the time or place to get advanced education or workforce training. When she got to the Cape that changed.

Lorraine received her CNA certification so that she could work in rehabilitation and senior care facilities, a much-needed position on the Cape. That worked well for her until the COVID situation made it impossible for her to work. She has several health conditions, including respiratory issues, so last April, her doctor recommended that she not work in facilities until viral spread calmed down or there was a vaccine. She was let go from work, even from inactive status, for taking too much time off.

She was initially able to collect unemployment but that stopped because of an error in reporting, and she began to struggle financially. Her rent was the biggest issue, and she was worried that she might lose her housing. She reached out to a few different social service agencies for help with her rent but most only offered a portion of the rent payment, which would only prolong the issue. “Lower Cape Outreach Council was so quick to get back to me. They offered to pay the complete amount of rent due and were so nice. They were incredibly helpful for a bill that I was just unable to pay,” Lorraine said.

Now that she has received the vaccine, Lorraine has begun to look for work and considering a career change after so many years in the health caring field.

“Had Lower Cape Outreach Council not helped me, I don’t know what I would have done. I am so grateful that there are groups like them around, especially since there is a long list of people needing help right now. I cannot say enough good about their agency. They made a huge difference in my life,” Lorraine stated.

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