Emma’s Story

Lower Cape Outreach Council Helps Widow With Mold Remediation

After her father died five years ago, Emma (not her real name) wanted only for her 75-year-old mother to be able to stay in her own home. But the discovery of black mold in the basement of the house this year threatened that scenario.

After calling a mold remediation firm, Emma learned that the basement would have to be cleaned out in order for the treatment to be effective, which meant getting a dumpster on site to dispose of everything.

“I couldn’t believe how much a dumpster cost,” she said. “I didn’t have the money to pay for the dumpster and pay for the mold remediation from my small savings.”

Enter the Lower Cape Outreach Council, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people who are experiencing financial challenges. Serving the eight Lower and Outer Cape towns, the LCOC assists people in a variety of ways. Led by a licensed social worker, a team of volunteer advocates work with clients on an individual basis to determine how best to help. It might be providing an oil delivery, helping with a car repair, assisting with childcare costs—or, as in this case, helping with a major home repair.

The Outreach Council was able to pay the $700 dumpster cost so Emma and her mother could clean out the basement and proceed with the mold remediation. Emma is relieved that her mother will now be able to remain in the home where she has lived for 50 years.

“We’re very grateful,” Emma said, adding the Lower Cape Outreach Council is “a great organization, especially for the people who have lived here forever—it’s so expensive to live on the Cape now.”

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