Cassie’s Story

Lower Cape Outreach Council Helps Single Mom With Rent

Cassie – a single mom who raised all of her children on the Cape – recently found herself in a difficult position.  One of her adult children moved out on his own leaving the household with one less wage-earner to cover the bills. When she found herself struggling to cover the family’s expenses, she knew where to turn, having worked with the Lower Cape Outreach Council (LCOC) when her children were still young.

LCOC is a nonprofit organization who helps Lower and Outer Cape residents experiencing financial challenges. LCOC utilizes a team of volunteer advocates, led by a licensed social worker, to work with clients on an individual basis to provide direct assistance that meets their specific need. The agency helps with the costs of housing, food, utilities, transportation, medical expenses, or other unexpected financial hurdles.

Cassie made the call for help and worked through her challenges with a volunteer advocate.  “Lower Cape Outreach Council has been immensely helpful through the years,” Cassie said. “They got me through this challenging time by helping me pay my rent and electricity while my family went through this adjustment.”

Like many Cape residents, Cassie knows what it was like to struggle to make ends meet, even while working two or three jobs.  “They have been basically my only support system on Cape Cod,” Cassie shared. “When my son and daughter were little, LCOC helped me with groceries, and even Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas presents when money was very tight. I literally would not have been able to survive without LCOC’s help.”

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