Tara’s Story

Lower Cape Outreach Council Helps Single Mother

Tara was having a difficult time keeping up with her rent, making sure that there was food on the table, clothes on her kid’s backs, and gas in the car. Her challenges mirror so many on the Cape today as the cost of living continues to rise and wages stay flat. Tara was feeling that pinch and finally reached out to her daughter’s school counselor for help. After a quick referral to the Lower Cape Outreach Council, Tara was able to access services that helped her feel like she was “finally back on solid ground.”

“For years, I just kept trying but felt like I could never get ahead,” said Tara. “Once Lower Cape Outreach stepped in, I finally felt like things started to come together.” Tara has utilized all the services that LCOC offers – she goes to the food pantry to bring down the cost of her groceries, she utilized LCOC’s financial assistance program to help her get current on her rent, she often gets clothing and shoes from Katy’s Korner, and plans to attend Santa Stop to get toys and gift cards for her children for the holidays.

“Every time I reached out about a need, LCOC was able to point me to an answer. I was so relieved not to have to worry about my kids outgrowing their clothes or having nothing to put under the tree at Christmas. I am so grateful for the help I received.”

The Lower Cape Outreach Council, based in Orleans, operates nine food pantries across the Lower and Outer Cape and provides emergency financial assistance to those in need of help with rent, utilities, car payments, and more. The agency also operates a free clothing and home goods center, along with a Thanksgiving meal distribution and a holiday toy program for children.

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