Peter’s Story

Single Dad Receives Help from Lower Cape Outreach After Difficult Year

Peter is a schoolteacher and a single dad of two.  He also works a second job, but still struggles to make ends meet after a cascade of events put a major strain on his budget. Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to tackle all the bills, Peter made a call to the Lower Cape Outreach Council.  To Peter’s great relief, LCOC was able to assist him with financial support and several referrals to partner agencies who helped manage all his needs.

LCOC offers clients a variety of services to address basic needs.  The agency operates nine food pantries across the Lower and Outer Cape and provides emergency financial assistance to those in need of help with rent, utilities, car payments, and more. The agency also operates a free clothing and home goods center, along with a Thanksgiving meal distribution and a holiday toy program for children.

As Peter explained, “my situation was so complicated because there were so many different things that I needed help with. I inherited a tough financial situation when my mother passed away and it just all felt so overwhelming. The people at Lower Cape not only helped me pay my condo fees, but they gave me a half dozen referrals to other agencies who helped with everything from legal expenses to real estate taxes to past due utilities. Things were a real mess, but after working with my advocate, I was in a much better spot.”

While LCOC can manage most client requests in-house, they also work closely with partner agencies to help cover larger requests like Peter’s. This collaboration is central to their work as the cost of living on the Cape continues to rise and clients often need higher levels of support. Lower Cape Outreach is proud to work with local partners to better serve their neighbors in need.

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