Lawrence’s Story

LCOC Supports an Injured Shellfisherman

Lawrence has been shellfishing on the Outer Cape for decades. After several injuries, he was left with no choice but to pull back on his hours. “I still get out there and work as hard as I can,” Lawrence says, “but it’s not nearly as profitable for me these days.” The pullback in hours has meant less income available to pay the bills, which has made life stressful. Lawrence decided to reach out to the Lower Cape Outreach Council during this difficult time.

The Lower Cape Outreach Council operates nine food pantries across the Lower and Outer Cape and provides emergency financial assistance to those in need of help with rent, utilities, car payments, and more. The agency also operates a free clothing and home goods center and provides support during the holidays to anyone living within the eight towns of the Lower and Outer Cape.

“I am so grateful for all the help that Lower Cape Outreach has provided. Honestly, I am not sure how I would have gotten by without them.” Lawrence utilized the assistance available through the agency to help ensure that his mortgage and utilities are always paid. “I don’t think anyone ever wants to reach out for help, but sometimes there just isn’t another option. Thank God the help was there when I needed it.”

In addition to the financial assistance, the advocates at the Lower Cape Outreach connected Lawrence with additional resources that helped him reduce the rates on his utilities and access other services that make it a little easier on his budget each month and stabilize his life on the Outer Cape.

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