Kathy’s Story

Single Mother has Power Restored Thanks to Lower Cape Outreach Council

Kathy – a single mother of two – moved to the Outer Cape five years ago to care for her ailing mother. After her mother passed away, Kathy chose to stay and raise her two children here, in large part due to the quality education her kids were receiving. While she knew the high cost of living would be a challenge, she never expected her own health problems would make it even more difficult. When the latest electric bill arrived, it was accompanied by a shut off notice. Panicked, she turned to the Lower Cape Outreach Council.

LCOC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help those experiencing financial challenges. Serving the Lower and Outer Cape, LCOC utilizes a team of volunteer advocates, led by a licensed social worker, to work with clients on an individual basis to provide effective assistance.

“I just knew that I needed someone to help me figure out how to get the power back on as soon as possible.” Fortunately, the staff at LCOC was able to do just that. Through their contacts with the utility companies and community partners, LCOC was able to help Kathy get her service restored in less than 24 hours. “I cried so hard when I found out that they were able to get my service back on. The staff at Lower Cape Outreach didn’t just help me get my power back, they put together a whole plan to make sure that I was able to make the next payment. I am eternally grateful.”

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