Jess’ Story

Lower Cape Outreach Helps with Urgent Vehicle Repairs

When Jess – a single mom — brought her car in for repairs, she never expected that she would need a full brake replacement – front and rear. Her vehicle is her only source of income as she drives for several delivery companies. Every moment her vehicle is off the road she loses income. When the estimate proved to be far more than she could afford, she tearfully informed the garage owner that she didn’t know what to do. As luck would have it, this local business has been partnering with the Lower Cape Outreach Council for years to help residents in need. Jess was in shock as she listened.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The owner was talking to the staff at Lower Cape Outreach and they were working out the details to get my car back on the road.” While the garage got to work, Jess headed to the LCOC Main Office where she talked with staff about her situation, received referrals to other resources, and even accessed the food pantry while waiting for the car to be fixed.

“The whole day was a rollercoaster. I went from complete despair to total euphoria in a matter of hours,” Jess said. “The staff was just so helpful. I walked out with a long list of places to call if I need help in the future and now I use the food pantry every couple of weeks to help lower my grocery bill. I am so grateful that I was directed to the Lower Cape Outreach Council. They really saved the day for me and my daughter.”

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