Evelyn’s Story

Evelyn is a native Cape Codder in her early 30s who lives in Harwich. She lives in the family home where she grew up, staying to help her mother with the household after her father died several years ago. Evelyn is the mom of three rescue dogs and humbly and gratefully just reached three years of sobriety. Sobriety has changed her life.

She has driven for Lyft and Uber for many years. During the pandemic, she added food delivery from local restaurants as people remained safe in their homes. She is particularly proud that she does a lot of bar pickups so people who have been drinking get home safely. Even with the Massachusetts rule that food must be purchased with alcohol, she has been kept busy.

Her car is her livelihood and when her old car died, she purchased a “new used” one from CARVANA, thinking that would be a guaranteed and warrantied purchase. She had been able to save some money towards the purchase so was feeling good. She opted for the warranty—at $1,500 extra—but even that did not protect her from four tires that would not pass inspection. She had been helped by Lower Cape Outreach Council two years ago when she was first in recovery, her Dad was sick, and she missed a car payment while getting back on her feet. She made a call this time to help with the tires. “They don’t make you feel awkward when you call them in a dire situation, but it’s still a hard call to make,” Evelyn said.

“Lower Cape Outreach Council has made it possible for me to remain on the road, to stay employed and to help people get what they need or help them get home safely. I feel lucky and blessed to be proving this service and the Council made it possible with their unquestioning help,” Evelyn gratefully acknowledged, adding “We are so fortunate to have them on the Cape.”

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