Eric’s Story

Local Couple Finds a New Home with Help from LCOC

After a career in the trades, Eric never expected to find himself living in his truck with his wife and their dog. The couple spent previous years alternating between seasonal rentals and occasionally spending nights at local campgrounds, but at 75 years old, they needed something more permanent. Having worked with the Lower Cape Outreach Council in the past when their vehicle needed repairs, Eric knew that he could call to get some advice on his family’s current predicament.

With the ongoing housing crisis on the Cape, finding year-round housing is extraordinarily challenging.  Fortunately for Eric, a local housing development had notified LCOC of a vacancy that same morning. With help from LCOC, Eric had the application filled out and submitted within hours. Having met all of the requirements, Eric, his wife, and their dog were able to move into a new, affordable unit within a matter of days.

“I am so grateful that I decided to call the Lower Cape Outreach Council that morning. Without their help, I never would have known that this apartment was available, and we would still be sleeping in the truck or bouncing from one motel to another until we ran out of money” Eric said. “This was an absolute godsend.”

LCOC specializes in providing emergency financial assistance, managing nine food pantries – one in every town on the Lower and Outer Cape, and Katy’s Korner, a free clothing and household resource center.

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