Tammy’s Story

Mother of Two Able to Stay and Work on Cape

The seasonal nature of the Outer Cape presents unique challenges for many residents. It often means packing up and moving from a winter rental to temporary and often unstable summer housing. Tammy, an Outer Cape mother of two, has battled with the unpredictability of seasonal housing for years.

When an opportunity arose for Tammy to lock in a year-round rental, she knew that she had to do whatever was necessary to secure it. Stable housing would allow her to stay in her full-time job and keep her children enrolled in the local school system. Having seen other families leave the area for more affordable housing, Tammy knew she did not want to be in that position; she wanted to keep her family where they had deep community ties and support.

“To move in, I needed three months of rent, plus furniture, and everything the kids would need. I just didn’t see how I could realistically pull that off on my salary,” Tammy said. Staring down significant upfront rental costs and not knowing where to turn for help, friends advised Tammy to reach out to the Lower Cape Outreach Council (LCOC). “I really didn’t know what to expect; but I knew that I couldn’t make this work without some help.”

LCOC got to work, and through rapid collaboration with other community agencies, they were able to secure the majority of the required rent deposit. Tammy was doubly overjoyed when an LCOC donor offered to assist with the purchase of furniture. “I am so moved by the generosity of the community. The help was so much more than I ever could have imagined.”

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