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Evelyn’s Story

Evelyn is a native Cape Codder in her early 30s who lives in Harwich. She lives in the family home where she grew up, staying to help her mother with the household after her father died several years ago. Evelyn is the mom of three rescue dogs and humbly and gratefully just reached three years…

Lorraine’s Story

Lorraine grew up on the Cape but moved away after high school. She got married to an active-duty serviceman and moved around a lot with her husband and their growing family. After a divorce, and with the kids growing up and moving on, she moved back to Cape Cod 25 years ago. She had been…

Carmen’s Story

Carmen has lived on the Cape for 11 years, originally in Eastham, but has settled with her family—three children and a grandchild—in Harwich. Carmen has always worked providing homemaking, cooking, light cleaning, and general “looking after” for elderly clients but also had a housekeeping position in a local hotel. The housekeeping job disappeared when COVID…
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