Morgan’s Story

Mother Receives Critical Assistance with Childcare Crisis

Morgan has a full-time administrative job that she loves, but the ever-rising cost of living on the Cape can make it challenging for a single-income household to provide all the essentials. Despite carefully budgeting and utilizing her local Lower Cape Outreach Council food pantry, Morgan still found herself with a childcare bill that she simply could not afford. She felt her only option was to reduce her work hours and remove her son from the after-school program.

Fortunately, while visiting the food pantry, Morgan met the agency’s social worker who was providing outreach to their clients. In addition to the food pantries, LCOC operates a financial assistance program to help residents of the Lower and Outer Cape with unexpected financial burdens.

To her delight, Morgan learned LCOC could help with these expenses and that they had several community partners who could also contribute. Through a collaborative effort, Morgan saw her bill reduced by 85%. “It’s so stressful to have to choose between which bill to pay, especially when I need to keep my full-time job in order to keep us housed, clothed, and fed,” Morgan said. “Getting this help was the gift that I needed to keep going. I was honestly at my breaking point, but now I feel like we can make it.”

Through this process, Morgan was introduced to additional resources to pay for her son’s summer camp. Morgan wants others in the community to know that if they need help, “Lower Cape Outreach will be there for you.”

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