Michelle’s Story

Lower Cape Outreach Council Helps Hardworking Mother Make Ends Meet

Despite working full-time at a local small business, Michelle was struggling to meet all her financial obligations. She fell behind on her electric bill, made a payment plan to try to catch up, but the additional monthly payment was more than she could afford. Unsure of what to do, a co-worker suggested that she reach out to the Lower Cape Outreach Council.  LCOC manages a financial assistance program, 9 food pantries and Katy’s Korner, a free clothing and household resource.

“I was scared and embarrassed when I first reached out, but the staff was so kind and understanding that I immediately felt at ease.” Michelle said. By working closely with her volunteer advocate, Michelle got her payment plan reduced to a manageable amount, signed up to use her local LCOC food pantry and was connected to several other community resources.

“It’s just so hard today, even with a full-time job. The price of everything keeps going up and it’s getting harder and harder to afford to stay here. Without the help from the Lower Cape Outreach Council, I am not sure what I would have done.” Michelle said. “But now that my bill is covered and I have a place to go for fresh food, I have such a brighter outlook for the future.”

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