Mary’s Story

“Once again Lower Cape Outreach Council has been a bridge over troubled financial waters,” says Julie, a very grateful mother and grandmother. She is enthusiastic and appreciative for the help her daughter, Mary, received a year ago to help her fulfill a lifetime dream of attending the dental hygiene program at Cape Cod Community College (CCCC).

“My daughter is a single mother who has always had a strong work ethic—working, paying taxes, and volunteering since she was 14. She was accepted at the last minute into the dental hygiene program; given the opportunity to learn how to provide dental care to patients.” The two-year program accepts 20 students from 70 applications. PPE, dental supplies, tools, magnification glasses, uniforms, books, lab charges, fees and tuition needed to be gotten together at the last minute. Once we gave them a detailed list of what was needed, Lower Cape Outreach Council (LCOC) offered the funding to allow her to realize this dream.

Mary was born on the Cape, 40 years ago and while a student at a tech school, she enrolled in a dental assistant class. She tested well and was chosen to attend a hygiene assistant program with other dental students from around the country, an honor from among many nation-wide applicants. “She has always been smart, and diligent at her studies,” her Mom enthuses. Mary is currently half-way through the dental hygiene program at CCCC and is doing her studies online during this stay at home COVID-19 time while also home-schooling her daughter.

Julie is retired with a small pension and social security that supports them all right now. Mary was working for a real estate agency, but the office is currently closed due to the pandemic. With little income coming in for the three of them, they also rely on LCOC for occasional groceries.

Julie first discovered LCOC when A Baby center in Hyannis suggested she go there, to “Katies’ Corner”, for baby clothes. As her now four-year old granddaughter, Lisa grew, she could exchange clean lightly used clothes for the next larger size. She wanted a second car seat for her car and Gennie was able to get a brand new one for safety reasons. Her granddaughter loves to go visit “Miss Gennie” and “Uncle Larry”.

They have always been a family steeped in volunteerism. Julie quickly calculated that between the three of them, they have collectively volunteered nearly 100 years. Even little Lisa has appeared in fundraising spots. “It feels odd to be on the other side,” Julie says, “but I certainly know the joy of giving.”

“This support has buoyed my daughter and our whole family. LCOC believed in her and her goals. They encouraged her to take this educational opportunity even though, at the time, it seemed difficult to nearly impossible to afford. They shored her up in this. They are our heroes,” Julie says with a little catch in her voice.

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