Jerry’s Story

Lower Cape Helps Local School Employee Manage Expenses

Like so many lifetime Cape residents, Jerry has worked in several industries throughout his life, but he finally settled into a career in shellfishing. With his busiest season right around the corner, Jerry started to inspect his gear to make sure everything was ready for the season. Unfortunately, he discovered that several critical items had been damaged and needed to be replaced before he could get back out on the flats. Jerry didn’t have the funds available to make the necessary repairs and was concerned that he would lose his primary source of income.

Fortunately, Jerry was already a client at one of LCOC’s food pantries and was able to speak with the agency’s social worker who was on-site.  In addition to their food pantries and Katy’s Korner, a free clothing and household resource, LCOC operates a financial assistance program to help residents of the Lower and Outer Cape who are dealing with unexpected financial burdens.

Jerry was happy to learn that LCOC is committed to helping area shell fishers and they were able to provide financial support to get his gear repaired.  “The Lower Cape Outreach helped me get right back out to work so that I could continue to earn a living. It’s hard out there right now, so knowing that LCOC is there to help is a real relief,” Jerry said. “My parents taught me to be self-sufficient, but sometimes we all need a little help.”

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