Cheryl’s Story

LCOC Helps Injured Worker with Rent and Utilities

Cheryl moved from Jamaica to the Cape 11 years ago. Having always worked multiple jobs, she prided herself on being self-sufficient. She was also proud to be able to help care for her children and grandchildren by sending money back to Jamaica. Cheryl’s daughter is a teacher, but has ongoing health issues of her own.

After getting seriously injured on the job three years ago, Cheryl is still unable to return to full-time work. She depleted the 401K she worked so hard to build and ran out of resources to cover her expenses. Then, after multiple hospitalizations, she fell behind on rent and utilities. Fortunately, Cheryl has a patient landlord, but the bills still needed to get paid. Unsure of what to do, Cheryl reached out to Lower Cape Outreach Council (LCOC) – an Orleans based non-profit that assists clients on the Lower and Outer Cape experiencing financial challenges – and they were able to help her get caught up on all her expenses. This assistance gave Cheryl the chance to plan for the months ahead and find part-time work that didn’t strain her injuries.

“It made me feel so relieved and grateful to be able to reach out to Lower Cape Outreach Council and get assistance. They helped me keep the positive relationship with my landlord, because if I had to move, I do not know where I would have gone,” she said. “Everyone at LCOC is so supportive and caring and never make you feel awkward at asking for their help.”

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