Hope Works

The Lower Cape Outreach Council is now offering a program to help clients achieve their career goals and job objectives by providing access to training, resources, and mentorship.

We help our clients by

How To Enroll

Clients can complete a HopeWorks application form available at the LCOC office, 19 Brewster Cross Road, Orleans. If you are currently not a client, call the LCOC office at 508 – 240 – 0964 to see if you are eligible.

If you are looking for local, permanent residents with a variety of skills to fill a full time, part time, or seasonal job openings, Lower Cape Outreach Council may be able to help. We are enrolling our clients who are looking for work in our new HopeWorks jobs program. Many have families to support, good skills to offer, and a desire to improve their current situations. To list a job opening, please fill out the form below.

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