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September Artist: Stephen Roth

Stephen “Artman” Roth (1941-2018) was one of the founding members of the Friday Painters Group begun in 1997. Born and raised in Yonkers, NY, Stephen came with his family to the Cape on vacation, fell in love with its beauty, and moved here permanently in 1997. Stephen was a businessman, an entrepreneur, a musician, and a “creative” cook. But his real love and talent was painting.

He was a prolific painter with a unique style. He used palette knives and applied paint with dazzling speed. His paintings expressed an immediacy of moment. He loved the Impressionist painters, and his paintings showed the same emotional attachment, with his fusion of colors and love of nature subjects. He had a gift for humor and a commitment to community, shown by his devotion to cooking for the Lower Cape Lunch/Dinner program, and as a force in helping the Lower Cape Outreach Council Food Pantry stock tons of food for the needy. We will remember Stephens’ humor, his talents, and his outgoing personality.